A meeting between leaders and citizens in Rakai district

A meeting between leaders and citizens in Rakai district

A Brief History

The Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA) is a legally constituted network of non-governmental and community based organizations (NGOs/CBOs). It provides a platform for collective reflection, action and voice to voluntary local associations to strongly advocate the creation of more opportunities for the citizens and civil society organizations’ (CSOs) participation in the development of Uganda.

DENIVA was founded in February 1988 by a group of visionary leaders from 21 NGOs who recognized that the scattered effort by voluntary local associations needed to be marshalled for a collective voice that could lead to a better development impact. DENIVA has since grown into a large national network with over 700 members who are located in several regions of the country.

Our Vision

A vibrant civil society promoting accountability and responsiveness for sustainable development

Our Mission

To build a strong network of indigenous voluntary associations through capacity building, linkages and networking to influence policies for sustainable people-centred development.

Our Values

  1. Openness: We are able to speak without fear or favour
  2. Responsiveness: We strive to be timely, approachable, sensitive and respond to injustice and obstacles to sustainable development
  3. Tolerance: We are open-minded in our analysis of actions on poverty and injustice while recognizing diversity of contributions
  4. Mutual support: We value interdependence in our pursuit of our aspirations
  5. Integrity: We are bound by truthfulness and honesty in the way we do our business
  6. Gender equality: We demonstrate and advocate equal opportunities for both men and women
  7. Learning: Based on our experience, we continuously expand our capacity to create desired results and nurture new knowledge
  8. Listening: We strive for mutual respect for alternative and diverse views to create situations where everyone wins
  9. Trust: We have belief and confidence in the goodwill and ability to achieve our aspirations as a network
  10. Sharing: We treasure exchange of information, resources, experiences and best practices in our operations

Our Identity

DENIVA’s identity is its indigenous nature that is jealously guarded to preserve home-grown development ideologies and principles while taking into perspective regional and global dimensions. This is crowned in its logo with the following features:

  1. Crested Crane symbolises Uganda
  2. The black colour indicates indigenousness
  3. The chain and its red colour signify brotherhood/sisterhood, togetherness and networking among the indigenous voluntary associations.
  4. Green grass celebrates the Network’s originality and a taproot link with the grassroots communities.
  5. Thick black chain signifies the strength derived from being part of the Network.

The Overall Goal

To advocate good governance, quality service delivery and poverty reduction in Uganda

The Purpose

To promote research, documentation, and capacity building initiatives for MOs and CSOs for effective advocacy and policy influencing at all levels

Organisational Objectives

  1. To create a platform where all DENIVA member organizations exchange ideas and information about the development of Uganda.
  2. To encourage indigenous voluntary associations to contribute towards the highest levels of social and economic development services within the framework of the national policies.
  3. To plan, coordinate training and provide technical assistance at national level as well as sharing experiences and local expertise with international civil society.
  4. To facilitate communication and co-operation between indigenous voluntary associations, Government, and development partners on issues of social-economic development in Uganda.
  5. To encourage mutual networking among indigenous voluntary associations and enhance a participatory approach to development in relation to the actual needs of the ordinary Ugandan citizens.
  6. To promote and encourage research and documentation among member NGOs in areas of policy and development.
  7. To compile and maintain a comprehensive directory of all NGOs in Uganda and collect information and statistical data about programmes with a wider view of dissemination.
  8. To liaise with Government on the needs and concerns of the indigenous voluntary associations.
  9. To perform such other duties as may be required by the indigenous voluntary associations that are found within the scope of the Supreme Constitution and within the Network’s Articles of Association.

Our Target Groups

DENIVA’s primary target groups are MOs that form DENIVA’s constituency and provide the network with initial legitimacy. Other target groups include the district NGO networks, other civil society organizations (at local, national and international levels), Government, donors at all levels, private sector, institutions of learning and research, inter-governmental and multilateral agencies.