DENIVA acquires new publications

DENIVA has stocked its Resource Centre with new publications for researchers in the country. The new resources include G.W. Kanyeihamba’s autobiography, The Blessings and Joy of Being Who You Are, Policy Briefing Papers on Rethinking District Multiplication in Uganda, 2012,Ugandan NGO Evaluation Scorecard, July 2012, and Background to the Budget 2012.

  1. Annual Budget Monitoring Report, July 2010 – June 2011, MoFPED
  2. Budget Monitoring Report Second Quarter FY 2011/12, MoFPED
  3. Background to the Budget 2012/2013 Fiscal year, MoFPED
  4. Ugandan NGO Evaluation Scorecard, July 2012, QuAM, BYU and PEDL
  5. Government Annual Performance Report 2010/2011 Vol 1, Office of the Prime Minister
  6. The NGO Policy by the Uganda National NGO Board
  7. The NGO Registration Regulations 2009
  8. DENIVA Annual Report 2011
  9. DENIVA 2011-2015 Strategy
  10. Kanyeihamba G. W., The Blessings and Joy of Being Who You Are, Marianum Press, Kampala, 2012.
  11. East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights by HURIPEC
  12. Rethinking District Multiplication in Uganda: A Policy Briefing Paper, April 2012, DENIVA
  13. The National NGO Policy: Strenghtening Partnership for Development, Ministry of Internal Affairs, October 2012.


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